At On the Move Systems, we specialize in roadmaps. We can not only see how to get from one point to another, but how to solve some of the toughest logistics challenges on the road today. OMVS is quickly expanding as one of the most competitive, full service transportation logistics companies in the United States. Our growth is attributed to our service and our people - focusing 100% on customers’ needs in the areas transportation and supply chain management. In addition, our ISTx platform provides increased visibility, minimal-cost route effectiveness and delivery assurance.


We know the territory. It’s where we live.

The team at On The Move Systems is driven by our inspired commitment to service – both on the road and with our customers. Each driver has the windshield experience and the tools to exceed expectations with every mile marker they pass. You have access to a fleet when and where you need them.

We’re with you wherever, whenever, however you need us:

With On The Move Systems You are Good To Go.


We see the horizon – and all the way points.

Logistics is driven by two key elements – visibility and flexibility. At On the Move, we have the technologies and transportation asset management capabilities to control costs at each stage of the supply chain. Simply said – We manage value, not just trucks.

When our trucks roll, they roll with a purpose. Each day, our customer care group works with our clients to not just manage product throughout the delivery cycle, but to operate with precision. Each handoff between partners and providers will be tracked through our ISTx Platform which allows for visibility and agility.

We love a challenge. And each day we see those as opportunities to deliver on the promises for our clients. It doesn't matter what you want delivered – it matters who is the one delivering.


One call can really take the weight off.

The brokerage team at On The Move can place expedited, traditional, refrigerated, less-than-truckload freight, and heavy haul loads with national and North American carriers. We only pick the best partners and providers that will share our commitment to safety, reliability and compliance. We bring together the best people and tools to get your product on the move – on time.


Temperature-controlled transportation requires a high degree of expertise. We’ve got that, too.

Frozen, chilled or simply temperature controlled, On the Move recognizes the importance of every detail. From the load time to local weather forecast, the margin for error is difference between ice cream and “no green”.

We helped clients optimize their supply chain with our unique approach to the service and the planning. Our equipment sets the standard in temperature-controlled transportation, and with a growing network of partners in the space, we can give you flexible options throughout North America.

On-Budget. On-Time. On-Temp.

See how cool we are under pressure.